See a list of our FAQ’s below

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Do you offer free taster sessions to see if my child/ren like FMC?
We no longer offer free taster sessions. This is in relation to how we have restructured our sessions in regards to covid and block bookings.
Do you offer block booking discounts? Sadly not, sorry.
Do you accept childcare vouchers? Sadly not, sorry.
I want to book up for the whole year as my child loves attending FMC and we don’t want to miss a session? At present you aren’t able to book more than a half term at a time. All sessions are released in half termly blocks and usually we have a weekend off for all half terms and holidays. The sessions are released and bookable on our website once the previous block has finished. If you’re on our mailing list, you will receive an email to inform you that the new sessions are available to book on our website.
Are the sessions mixed with boys and girls? And what are the age ranges?
We offer both mixed sessions for boys and girls aged 3 -11 and we also offer girls only (aged 4 -10) sessions too.
What’s DSG/Pelo and Brightlands/Dulwich Prep? Some venues go by 2 names and people refer to the same place with different names so we try and alleviate any confusion by listing all the names that particular venue goes by. Please see the venues tab for more information including directions to all venues FMC trains at.
I’m lost, we’ve turned up to the session but can’t find you? We do move venues from time to time. The venue will have been on the confirmation email we sent out when you booked and if it has changed since the time of booking we will have sent an additional email with the updated venue details. So firstly, check you are at the correct venue, then head to the venues tab on the website which has concise information about where to find us? The coaches will be dressed in royal blue tracksuits. 
Are the sessions indoor or outdoor? Most FMC sessions run outside throughout the year and we do still run training in wet weather and only cancel if the weather is extreme or pitch is unplayable. If we do cancel, we will send an email out and always update the homepage on our website, so it’s always with checking there if you’re unsure. To check which venues run indoor, see our Venues page
It’s raining, will the session still run? We will endeavour to run sessions in bad weather and will only cancel if the weather is extreme or pitch is unplayable.
We did not attend a session due to bad weather even though it went ahead, can we get a refund? We don’t issue refunds or credits if you decide not to come due to the weather. If you’re unsure if we’re running due to bad weather, we will always update the homepage on our website, so check there if you’re unsure. But as mentioned, we won’t issue any credits if you decide not to attend due to the weather but the session still goes ahead.
Someone different will be collecting/picking up my child, who do I need to tell and what’s the procedure? Email us in advance and let us know.
Do I need to buy a football kit for my child’s first training session? No, just suitable sports wear with trainers, please dress for the weather. Children are required to wear shin pads for all sessions. 

Does my child need to wear shin pads? As per the above, yes they do.

Does my child need to wear football boots? No, trainers are fine. Children are allowed to wear studs when we train on grass. But trainers or boots with rubber studs only are advised on astro and grass. Trainers for indoor sessions

I need to change/cancel my child’s booking, what should I do? To cancel an accepted booking you must inform us in writing/ by email. You may cancel your booking up until 14 days before the course starting date and a full credit will be added to your booking system account as a credit, after this time the following refunds are applicable, up to 7 days prior to booking a 50% credit on account. From 6 days prior to the course starting date no refund or credit is available for cancellations. If you need to cancel or change any bookings, please email and we will be more than happy to help.

How do I add my child to the waitlist? Our waitlist option only activates once ALL the sessions in that block/age group/week are booked up. If they are and you try to book it will prompt you to add your details to be notified with any cancellations. 

My child loves Futsal but the classes are always fully booked? Futsal is very popular, we are working with the coaches to potentially add more classes- watch this space! 

How do I add a second child? You can add multiple children to your FMC online account, this video talks you through the process

Can parents stay and watch the training? Yes parents are able to stay to watch for all sessions, although we do advise you leave your kids to it as it can be a distraction for them. 

Do you play matches or just train? A typical weekend session goes something a bit like this

How often are sessions blocks released? We release all sessions in termly blocks. Once one term is finished, the next block will go live to book on our website, Usually a day or so after the previous block finishes.

How do I sign up to get updates from FMC? You can sign up to get all updates on FMC sessions here

Can I book FMC to run my child’s party? We’d love to host your child’s birthday party, head to our parties page for more info

Do you run any after school or holiday clubs? We run an after school camp at Peckham Rye for children from Reception – Year 6. See her for more info

Holiday clubs are run throughout the year please find more information here

Can I bring my dog along to the ground to watch? DSG (Pelo) allows dogs (on leads obviously) but Brightlands, JAGS, Alleyns, BWFC and Charter don’t allow dogs on site.